About Whiskystats

Whiskystats is a company based on independence, transparency and credibility.

Whiskystats was founded in 2015 by Johannes Moosbrugger. Born as a hobby project with the sole purpose of tracking one private whisky collection, it soon became clear that there was a substantial demand for quantitative, structured and transparent information on secondary market price information.

In the years that followed, the focus of Whiskystats became collecting and sorting large amounts of whisky data and presenting the results to an audience of whisky enthusiasts and professionals alike.

In 2020, Whiskystats became part of the Whiskybase portfolio of businesses as each realized the ability to combine their own unique skills, expertise and whisky information in order to deliver additional insights and value to their own unique audiences.

While Whiskybase boasts the most complete and detailed whisky bottle database in the world, Whiskystats now uses this factual bottle information to provide more accurate and meaningful insights about the secondary whisky market.

Both Whiskybase and Whiskystats are known for their independence and credibility. See what Whiskystats can do for you by contacting us directly.

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